CDT Hiker Food Drop Service Instructions
  • Box Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 or 1 Cu. Ft. Maximum  
     (United States Postal Service has suitable size boxes)
  • Ship box to our Home Mailing Address
​      Benchmark Wilderness Ranch
       Darwin and Shellie Heckman
       422 County Line Road
       Fairfield, MT 59436
  • Please send box 2-3 weeks before your estimated arrival time
     This allows us plenty of time to ensure delivery
  • $30.00 Ranch Handling Fee Required for each box sent
     (Check sent separate from box)
  • We'll be sure your box is there before you are. 
  • No Refund on Ranch Handling Fee, if for whatever reason you need your box sent back to you, there will be an additional $30.00 handling fee required.                                                          

Benchmark Wilderness Ranch has been holding the Continental Divide Trail hikers food boxes for years now. hikers ship their desired food and other miscellaneous items in one cubic foot box to our home in Fairfield, MT. We do not recieve our mail directly at the ranch, so we further ship your boxes via pickup truck to the ranch and hold your boxes in bear proof boxes on the main lodge front porch.
Additional Services
  • Cabin Rentals ($110.00 Two Night min.)
  • $130.00 (Single Night) plus tax
  • Shuttle Service to Augusta, MT  (Driver Fee)
        - Additional Shuttle Services Available 
  • Pitch a tent w/Shower ($20.00)
  • Shower only ($10.00)
Thanks for your Business!
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